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How to Prevent & Treat Hair Loss

Phil Day, Pharmacy2U expert pharmacist presents a possible cure for hair loss & advises on how to prevent further hair loss. The video also discusses different treatments that can help with prevention....

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Obesity Blame Game Is Pointless

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Talk of an obesity crisis in the UK is nothing new. We’ve seen for decades that the number of people outside of the ‘healthy weight’ parameters is on the rise...

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Trust the Doctor, It’s the Same Stuff

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Patients across the country are increasingly being switched from familiar brand name medications that they have taken for years, to carbon copy medications known as generics. These generics are intended...

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The Jury Is Out on E-Smoking

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The e-cigarette debate was fuelled last week, with new research suggesting that some electronic pseudo cigarettes on the market could potentially be as harmful as tobacco. Read the full article...

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Mouth Ulcer Treatments

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What are the symptoms of Mouth Ulcers? Mouth ulcers present with a tingling or burning sensation on the tongue, gum or inner cheek. A small whitish spot may be seen...


Online Doctor Consultations

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Pharmacy2U offer online doctor consultations with our GMC registered Doctor for a wide range of conditions. If you would rather not discuss face-to-face then why not try this fast and...


A safe pair of hands

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Practice Business – August 2011 “Our streamlined system has clinical safety checks embedded at every stage. Nothing is done without speaking to the patient, and if need be, the GP.”...